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Tips, tricks and bent truths about rugby.

About Us

We’ve been involved in rugby in some shape or form for over 35 years and one thing it has continually reinforced is that it is an amazing community. This is always reinforced by stories of people travelling the world and wanting to meet good people, so they go to the local rugby club.

This is about servicing those people who coach and play the game with knowledge and experience and some good humour which is never in short supply around rugby circles.

Why You Should Join Us

Create opportunities to share and learn.

One thing is for sure, there is no definitive way to coach or play rugby and so we can certainly continue to learn about the game.

We are constantly learning how to coach the game so we can provide the best learning environment for our players, and this is a constantly evolving process.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all those coaches and players who have provided learning opportunities for our playing and coaching careers to date.

There will be many more to add to that list in the future and hopefully you will become one of them by sharing your knowledge.

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